Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


DASSIER, Jean: England, 1731, Silver,  41 mm
Obv: Bust of Edward V    EDOUARD. V. D.G. ANG. FR. HIB. REX.
Rev: Monument decorated on top with two cherubs embracing, an allusion to the affection of the King and his brother. In front within a circle is depicted the scene of the murder of the two young princes. Below is inscribed:  NAT. 8. OCTOB. 1470. MORT 1483.
Signed:  I. DASSIER F.
Rare in silver
Ref: M.I. i, 18; Thompson 28/17; Eisler I, 258/19a;  Weiss BW543

Edward V (1470-1483) was the son of King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.  Upon the death of Edward IV in 1483, the 12-year-old Edward became king and his uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester, was made protector of the realm. The Duke placed Edward and his younger brother, Richard, in the Tower of London, taking the throne for himself as Richard III. The disappearance of the two princes is generally attributed to Richard, although some suspect Henry VII to have been involved in their deaths. In either case, Edward V was King of England for just 77 days. The reverse of this medal depicts the scene of the murder of the two princes.