Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


DASSIER, Jean: England, 1731, Bronze, 41 mm
Obv: Bust of Edward IV    EDOUARD. IV. D.G. ANG. FR. ET. HIB. REX.
Rev: On monument, a figure of Fortune between a dismasted ship and another ship sailing before a gale, in allusion to the vicissitudes of the king’s career.
Exergue:  NAT. 1441. COR. 20. IUN. 1461. MORT. 9. APRIL. 1483.
Signed: I.D. F.
Ref: M.I. i, 18/4; Eimer 29/20; Eisler I, 258/18; Thompson 27/16;  Pollard II, 850/904;  Weiss BW607

Edward IV (1442-1483), King of England (1461–1470, 1471-1483), was the son of Richard, Duke of York, and Cicely, daughter of Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmoreland. Edward was a leading participant of the Yorkist-Lancastrian conflict know as the War of the Roses. He was crowned King of England in1461 after the defeat of the Lancastrians. However, when the Earl of Warwick changed sides, Edward was forced into exile, but returned to defeat Warwick at the Battle of Barnet in 1471, regaining the crown until his death in 1483. Edward died leaving two sons, "the princes of the Tower," but the throne was usurped by his brother, Richard III.

The coronation was on the 29th, not the 20th of June as stated in the exergue of the medal.