Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


DADLER, Sebastian: Sweden, 1631, Silver, 65 mm
Battlefield scene with angel carrying sword in clouds above; AVXILIANTE DEO PRESSIS VICTORIA VENIT AN:[no] MDCXXXI VII SEPT:[embris] (With God’s Help Victory Came to the Besieged, Sept. 7, 1631)
Justice with a sword; Courage with a helmet; Piety with olive branch, all around crowned Peace column; "Jehovah" (in Hebrew) in a radiant halo above, next to hand of divine providence; view of Leipzig in background. IVSTITIA ET PIETAS CONSTANS ANIMVSQVE TRIUMPHANT (Justice and Steadfast Piety and Courage are Victorious)     GOTT MIT UNS (God [be] with Us) (below column)
Ref: Wiecek 72; Dominag II, 476; Hildebrand, 117 (28); Schultze 38; Dass. 726; Europese Penningen # 1072; Maué 28;  Weiss BW024

This medal was struck for the Saxon Elector John George I to commemorate the victory of the allied Swedish and Saxon troops over the imperial army, led by the great Bavarian general, Count Johann Tilly (1559-1632), at Breitenfeld, near Leipzig on September 17th* 1631. In the Battle of Breitenfeld, the Saxons were forced to retreat, and Count Tilly moved his imperial infantry forces to a position in order to attack the exposed Swedish flank. However, a brilliant counter maneuver was executed by the Swedish King Gustavus II Adolphus, cutting Tilly off from his communications at Leipzig and separating him from his artillery. The result was the complete defeat of the imperial army. Tilly died shortly thereafter, in 1632, while trying to prevent the Swedish army from crossing over into Bavaria.

The Battle of Breitenfeld was the Protestant's first major victory of the Thirty Years' War.

*The difference between the date shown here and that on the medal is likely due to the differences in the use of the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

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