Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


REICH, John: USA, 1797 , Bronze, 40 mm
Obv: Bust of Washington (r)    G. WASHINGTON PRES. UNIT. STA.
Rev: Fasces, sword, and wreath, laid on pedestal bearing the American shield    COMMISS. RESigned: PRESIDENCY RELINQ.
Exergue:  1797
Signed:  R.
Ref: Julian 76/PR-1; Baker 72;  Musante GW-59;  Weiss BW418

John Sansom was a member of a wealthy, influential Philadelphia family who decided to commemorate the American Revolution with a series of medals of his own design. This bust of George Washington is from a drawing by Gilbert Stuart "sketched on purpose". The original dies were struck in the early 1800s. This specimen was one of 308 medals likely a First Reissue executed from dies restruck in 1859.  (Medals struck from the original dies show the period after RELINQ. touching the horizon rather than above it as in this medal.  Other identifying characteristics are described in great detail in Musante, 2016)

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