Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss

(Capture of the Cyane and the Levant)

FURST, Moritz: USA, 1815, Bronze, 65 mm
Obv: Bust of Stewart    CARLOLUS STEWART NAVIS AMER. CONSTITUTION DUX. (Charles Stewart, Captain of the American Ship Constitution)
Rev: Naval battle between the Unites States frigate Constitution and the British ships Cyane and Levant. The Constitution, to windward, is opening with her port battery on the Levant; both British vessels are returning fire from their starboard batteries     UNA VICTORIAM ERIPUIT RATIBUS BINIS (He Snatched Victory from Two Vessels with One)
Exergue:  INTER CONSTITU. NAV. AMERI. ET LEVANT ET CYANE NAV. ANG. DIE XX. FEBR. MDCCCXV. (Between the American Warship Constitution and the British Warships Levant and Cyane, February 20, 1815)
Signed:  FURST. F.
Original Dies; Mintage=80
Ref: Julian 168/ NA-22; Loubat 245/47;  see Jaeger and Bowers 54/43;  Neuzil 37;  Weiss BW131

Charles Stewart (1778-1869) was born in Philadelphia. Early in his career he served in the West Indies and in the Tripolitan campaign. Through a series of promotions, in 1806 he attained the rank of captain. On February 20, 1815, while in command of the frigate Constitution he fought and captured two British ships-or-war, the frigate Cyane under Captain Gordon Falcon, and the sloop-of-war Levant, under Captain the Honorable George Douglas. For his brilliant action he was awarded a gold medal from Congress.

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