Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


DASSIER, Jean: Swiss, 1734, Bronze, 54 mm
Obv: Bust   LUD. LE FORT REIP. GENEV. CONSUL PRIMAR. ANN. J734. AET. 66 (Louis Le Fort, First Consul of the Republic of Geneva in the Year 1734 at Age 66)
Rev: City of Geneva (Liberty), leaning on shield bearing the arms of Geneva, holding staff with Cap of Liberty, a Cornucopia at her feet, and holding a Bible; four Putti to right with symbols representing Government (Union) (holding fasces and a heart), Science (standing behind a lectern reading a book, a globe on the right), Commerce (writing an address on a bundle of goods), and the Arts (painting Liberty’s portrait on an easel). Above, a radiant sun with a central eye representing Providence.  DEI NUMINE. (In the Name of God)
Signed:  I. DASSIER. F.
Exergue:  JURA CIVIUM ASERTA ANNO 1734 (The Rights of the Citizens Affirmed in the Year 1734)
From Jean Dassier’s Geneva Series HISTOIRE MÉTALLIQUE OF GENEVA
Ref: Molinari 87/329; Forrer I, 516; Thompson 45/01; Haller II, 1911; Europese Penningen # 1803;  Eisler II, 93/1, Variant II;  Weiss BW049

Louis Le Fort (1668-1748) was Chief Burgomaster of Geneva. This is one of the medals executed by Jean Dassier to emphasize the lead Henry IV of France took, along with Bern and Zurich, in mediating the guarantee of Geneva’s freedom.

For a detailed description of the iconography and history of this medal see Eisler II, pp. 41-48.