Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss



DASSIER, Jacques-Antoine: England, 1743, Copper, 55 mm
Bust right, wearing surplice, RADULPH. BRIDEOAKE ARCHIDIACONUS WINTON. (Ralph Brideoake, Archdeacon of Winchester.)
Rev: Church of St Mary, Southampton ECCLESIA BEATAE MARLAE SOUTHTON RESTITUTA 1722. (The Church of St. Mary, Southampton, restored, 1722.)
Exergue: Nat. 13 IUN. 1665. OB. 19 MART. 1742/3.
Ref: Eimer 574 (var.); MI ii 573/209; Eisler II, 293, 11;  Weiss BW820

Archdeacon Ralph Brideoake (1665-1743), Archdeacon of Winchester, was Prebendary of Hereford and Rector of St. Mary’s Southampton. He rebuilt the parish and parsonage house at his own expense. The medal was made on his death in 1743.

There are two versions of this medal, made from different dies. Medallic Illustrations states that this version is in lower relief and better executed than the other of its type.