Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


DASSIER, Jacques-Antoine: England, 1744, Bronze, 55 mm
Obv: Bust of Carteret    IOHANNES CARTERET.  (John Carteret)
Rev: Ornamental device    BARO DE CARTERET. M.DCC.XLIV.  (Baron Carteret, 1744)
Signed:  A. DASSIER. F.
From Jacques-Antoine Dassier's London Series of medals depicting celebrated contemporary men.
Ref: M.I. 586/228; Eimer 85/584; Thompson 50/09;  Eisler ii, 294/13;  Weiss BW041

John (Johannes) Carteret (1690-1763), Earl Granville, Viscount Carteret, Baron Carteret of Hawnes, was a distinguished orator and statesman.  He was the son of George, 1st Baron Carteret, and Lady Grace Granville.  He succeeded his father as Lord Carteret in 1695 at the age of five and entered the House of Lords in 1711, where he became one of Robert Walpole's most eloquent and prominent critics.   In 1711 he supported in the House of Peers the Protestant succession. Because of his pro-Hanoverian policy, King George II appointed him as Secretary of State after Walpole's fall in 1742 at which time Carteret directed England's involvement against France in the War of the Austrian Succession. He also held the post of Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. He became Earl Granville on the death of his mother, shortly after this medal was executed. (Thompson)

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