Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


GENNARO, Maria Antonio de: Germany, 1725, Bronze, 55 mm
Obv: Bust of Charles VI (r)     IMP:CAES:CAROLUS DIVI LEOPOL:F:AUG:
Rev: Austria and Spain shaking hands, Mercury (Commerce), holding a torch and caduceus, in attendance.    CONCORDI PACE LIGAVIT
Exergue:  VINDOBONAE 1725
Signed:  De Gennaro. f.  (in script)
Ref: Montenuovo 1595; Schulman PiN 493; Wurzbach 4270; Slg. Julius 1360;  Weiss BW422

Charles VI (1685-1740), Roman Emperor (1711-1740), was born in Vienna, the second son of the Emperor Leopold. On the death of his elder brother Joseph I in 1711, Charles inherited the possessions of the House of Habsburg. He abandoned Spain, however, and was crowned emperor in 1711.

The medal commemorates the Peace of Vienna between Spain and Austria, signed April 30, 1725. It confirmed the assignment of the Southern Netherlands to Austria.

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