Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


GUGLIELMADA, Giovanni Battista: Sweden, ca.1680, Bronze, 63 mm
Obv: Bust of Christina (r)    REGINA CHRISTINA
Rev: A lion outlined by a constellation of stars, standing with its front paws on a globe, a cornucopia behind, and a rudder below    FORTIS. ET. FELIX
Exergue: .G. D.  (Gloria Deo = Glory to God)
Ref: Johnson 232/231;  Weiss BW538

Christina  Wasa (1626-1689), Queen of Sweden (1644-1654), was born in Sweden to King Gustavus II Adolfus and Maria Eleonora. She abdicated her throne and spent the major portion of the rest of her life in Rome. This is one of several medals of Queen Christina which were struck from dies executed by Guglielmada based on medals originally cast by Soldani-Benzi.

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