REINHART, Hans (workshop): Germany, 1535, Ag (cast), 64 mm
Obv: Three quarter bust of Johann Friedrich. He bears a heavy chain around his neck and holds the electoral sword in his right hand and the electoral cap in his left. Around: IOANNS.FRIDERICVS.ELECTOR.DVX SAXONIE.FIERI.FECIT.ETATIS SVAE.32 (Johann Friedrich, Elector of Saxony Caused this to Be Made at the Age of 32).
Rev: Johann's full heraldic achievement on shield, ornamented with scrolls, oak-leaf tendrils and birds' heads on the corners SPES. MEA . IN. DEO. EST. ANNO. NOSTRI. SALVATORIS. M.D.X.X.X.V (My Hope Is in God, in the Year of Our Savior 1535)
Note: This medal is from the workshop of the great German medallist Hans Reinhart. It differs from that of the master in that on Reinhartís medal there is an inscription around his neck "XRENXALSXINXEREN" which is cut off by the collar and which when translated in full reads: "There is no defense against an honorable man." This inscription is partially illegible on this specimen. It also differs slightly on the ornamentation of the handle of the sword. The fields of the obverse and reverse show evidence of old chasing. It is unsigned.
The bust on the obverse is thought to have been taken from the portrait of Lucas Cranach the Elder.
Ref: Currency of Fame p.285

For a brief biographical sketch of Johann Friedrich I, the Magnanimous (1503-1554), Elector of Saxony (1532-1547), see medal by Milicz.

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