Müller, P. H. (?) : England, 1706, Silver, 43 mm
Obv: Anne, armed as Minerva overthrows Louis XIV, armed as a Roman warrior    LVDOVICVS MAGNVS ANNA MAIOR. (Louis the Great, Anne the Greater)
Rev: A woman on top of a tower is throwing a stone onto Abimelech (Louis XIV), who is pleading to be killed by a nearby soldier    PERCVTE ME NE DICATVR QVOD A FEMINA INTERFECTVS SIM. IVDIC. C. 9. (Slay Me, That Men Say Not of Me, a Woman Slew Him.-Judges, ix. 54.)
Edge:  DOMINVS TRADIDIT EVM IN MANVS FOEMINAE. IVDITH. XVI. C. (The Almighty Lord Hath Delivered Him into the Hands of a Woman–comp. Judith, xvi. 6.);  Thoyras, Plate IV, No. 11
Ref: Med. Ill ii, 289/98; van Loon V, 39; Eimer 69/422; Fearon 157.3;  La Medaille 305/444 (obv.)

The object of the medallist was to satirize Louis for assuming the title of MAGNVS, and scoffing him with having been defeated by a woman. If he was "great", Anne was "greater", as she and her armies had proven to be victorious over him. On the reverse, Anne is being compared to Judith who destroyed Holofernes, and to the woman who slew Abimelech. At the same time, from its inscriptions, the medal alludes to the intervention of Divine power.

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