Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


WARIN, Claude: France, 1651, Bronze (cast) , 102 mm
Obv: Bust of Nicolas de Neufville (r)    NIC. DE NEVFVILLE. MARCH. VILL. GALL. MARESC. REG. PERS. ET .LVGD. MODER (Nicolas de Neufville, Marquis de Villeroy, Marechal de France, Governor of the King and of Lyon)
Rev: Uniface
Signed: WARIN. 1651
Ref: Forrer VI, p.353 (ill); Jones, Vol 2, 271/306; 25 examples known to Rondot (N. Rondot RN 1888, p. 136 and p. 271, no. 11.); Tricou, 82; Weiss BW353

Nicolas de Neufville (1598-1685), son of Charles de Neufville, Marquis d'Halincourt, became duc de Villeroy and a Peer in 1651. Villeroy had been in command of the troops occupying Pignerol in 1631 and perpetrated the ruse by which the French retained control of the town in breach of their treaty with Spain. He was appointed Louis XIV's governor in 1646 and became a Marechal de France the same year. He married Madeleine de Crequy in 1617. (Jones)