Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


WARIN, Jean (?) : France, ca.1643, Bronze, 53 mm
Obv: Bust of Anne of Austria    .ANNA. D G. .FR. ET. NAV. REG.
Rev: Eagle with crown flying over mountain    REGNVM. NON PENDET. AB. ANNIS
Ref: Weiss BW224; See Jones II, 215 for obverse, which pictures a cast copy of a struck original.

Anne of Austria (1601-1666) was the daughter of Philip III of Spain (of the house of Austria, i.e., of the Habsburg dynasty), wife of Louis XIII of France, and mother of Louis, the future Louis XIV, king of France. Her married life was unhappy as Louis was cold in his attitude towards her, and the Franco-Spanish hostilities in the Thirty Years' War cut her off from close relations with her family in Spain. In addition, the omnipotent minister Cardinal Richelieu prevented her from exercising any rival influence over her husband. She also suffered great humiliation in the "affair of Val-de-Grace" when the chancellor Pierre Seguier was sent to search her person and to interrogate her on the ground that she was frequenting the convent of Val-de-Grace in order to conceal a treasonable correspondence with the Spaniards. Her husband died in 1643, the likely date at which this medal was struck, at which time she ruled France as regent in close alliance with Cardinal Mazarin, Richelieu's successor. Anne's regency ended in 1651 when Louis XIV was proclaimed of age to rule. 
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