Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


GALLE, Andre/ BRENET, Nicolas: France, 1805, Bronze, 68 mm
Obv: Fame advancing with trumpet and scroll inscribed:  IMP VRBI SVAE (From The Emperor to His City); Behind her are captured arms and standards.    DE . GERMANIS (From the Germans)
Exergue:  PRIMITIA.  BELLI. ARMA. ET. SIGNA. MILITARIA E. MANVBIIS. VERTIGENS CIVITATI. DONATA VI. ID. OCT. MDCCCV. (The First Fruits of the War, Cannon and Flags Despoiled from the Enemy at Wertingen, Given to the City of Paris in October 1805)
Rev: Napoleon and Murat in full armor receiving the mayors of Paris; at their feet a nymph with an urn labeled  SCHOENBRUNN.   Around: PANNONIA. SVBACTA. (Austria Subdued)
Exergue:  AEDILES. PARIS. IMP. NEAPOLIONI. A. VICTORIA REDVCI. IN. SVBVRBANO. CAESARVM. GRATES. AGVNT. PR. ID. DECEMBR. MD CCC V. (The Mayors of Paris Present Their Thanks to the Emperor Napoleon, Returned Victorious to the Palace of the Caesars, ? December 1805)
Ref: Bramsen 453; M. XXXVII.112; TN 10.2; d'Essling 1109;  Europese Penningen # 1717;   Zeitz 136/62; Scargill and Millin, 170/133;  Weiss BW133

Joachim Murat (1767-1815), king of Naples, assisted Napoleon in several campaigns, including the battle of the Pyramids and later at the battle of Marengo. In 1800, Murat married Caroline Bonaparte, youngest sister of the then first consul. In 1805 Murat was made grand admiral, with the title of prince, and was invested with the grand eagle of the Legion of Honor. For his prowess as commander of the Grand Army in the German campaign of 1805, Napoleon made him grand duke of Berg and Cleves. In December, 1805 a deputation headed by M. Dupont was sent by the prefect and the mayor of Paris to the Palace of Schoenbrunn, summer residence of the emperor of Austria, two miles from Vienna, to congratulate Emperor Napoleon on his success and to thank him for the gift of cannon and standards captured at Wertingen three months previously by Murat. The medal was commissioned at the expense of the city of Paris.

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