Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


ANDRIEU, Bertrand: France, 1810, Lead-filled Bronze, 68 mm
Obv: Bust of Marie Louise (l)    MARIE LOUISE IMPERATRICE.
Rev: Uniface
Signed:  ANDRIEU. F.
Lead-filled bronze cliché, part of boxed set
Ref: Forrer I, p54; Bramsen 1028; Julius 2360; TN. 41.6; Weiss BW389

Marie Louise (1791-1847), French Empress, the second wife of Napoleon I, was the daughter of Francis II, Emperor of Austria, and Theresa of Naples. The marriage took place by proxy in 1810, the year in which this medal was issued. Their son was to bear the empty titles of "King of Rome" and "Napoleon II". Marie Louise acted briefly as regent during Napoleon's absence on campaigns. Alienated from him in 1814, the time of Napoleon's first abdication, she was later made Duchess of Parma. During her rule in Parma she established the equality of women in heritage and ordered the compilation of a civil code.