Historical and Commemorative Medals
  Collection of Benjamin Weiss



DUVIVIER, Jean: France, 1738, Bronze, 42 mm
Obv: Bust of Louis XV (r)   LUD. XV. REX CHRISTIANISS.
Rev: Pallas (Gallia) standing under a palm tree holding a torch which is burning implements of war   PAX INITA CUM GERMANIS
Signed:  D.V.
Ref: Wurzbach 5550;  Weiss BW590

The Peace of Austria (Peace of Vienna) relates to the War of Polish Succession which had begun in 1733 when Augustus II of Poland died. While Austria and Russia declared themselves in favor to the succession of his son Augustus II, a number of Polish nobles, who were in relations with France, chose Augustus IIís former opponent, Stanislaus Leszczynski, whose daughter was married to the young French king, Louis XV. Out of the quarrel arose the War of the Polish Succession, which was chiefly fought in Italy and the upper Rhineland and which ended unfavorably for Austria. In the Peace of Vienna (1738), the emperor was forced to abandon Sicily and Naples which were placed under the rule of one of the Spanish princes, Don Carlos. Of special significance to Germany was the consent of the emperor to the cession of Lorraine. This duchy which had long been in the possession of France was given over to Stanislaus Leszczyski, as compensation for his abandonment of all claim to the Polish crown. Although the War of Polish Succession ended in 1735, a final peace treaty was not signed until 1738, the event commemorated by this medal. (From Encyclopedia Britannica).