Historical and Commemorative Medals
 Collection of Benjamin Weiss



CHERON, Jean Francois: France,  c.1670,  Bronze (cast),  70 mm
Winged male nude representing Genius at left and female figure with palette and paint brushes representing Art at right.   ARS GENIVSQVE SIML. (Art and Genius Together)
Signed: F. CHERON
Ref: Vannel and Toderi, p. 20, fig. 7; Weiss BW723

Carlo Maratta (Maratti) (1625-1713), a painter of the Italian Baroque era, was born in Camerano then part of the Papal States.  He studied under Andrea Sacchi and trained several notable painters, including Sir Godfrey Kneller.  In 1650, Maratta was introduced to Pope Alexander VII, who commissioned many paintings, including one of his greatest works, a painting of Constantine Destroying the Idols for the Baptistry of the Lateran.  Maratta, who at the time was the most popular artist at Rome, was a member of the Academy of San Luca and the founder of the Roman Academy.  In 1704 Maratta received the Order of Christ from pope Clement XI, in part for cleaning Raphael's frescos at the Vatican.  He was also appointed court painter by Louis XIV of France.

This medal was commissioned by Louis XIV, who suggested the composition of the reverse.

LINK to Biography and self-portrait of Maratta (from wikipedia)