Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


WYON, Leonard Charles: England, 1848, Silver, 55 mm
Obv: Bust of Hogarth (r)    HOGARTH
Rev: Representation from one of Hogarth's paintings "The Election".    HE THROUGH THE EYE CORRECTS THE HEART
Exergue:  ART- UNION OF LONDON 1848
Mintage =30 in silver
Extremely Rare
Ref: Eimer 1427; BHM 131/2302; Beaulah 4;  Weiss BW566

William Hogarth (1697-1764) began his career as an engraver, but by the age of thirty one he devoted his time to painting. Of his several works, he is most noted for his portraits and scenes from everyday life. His power of observation and his satirization of upper class life in eighteenth century England has no equal. Besides painting, when he was forty-six he fought a battle to secure the copyright act, which became known as Hogarth's act.
The obverse of the medal is from a sculpture by L.F. Roubiliac. The scene depicted on the reverse of the medal, showing two rival canvassers soliciting a voter, is taken from the centerpiece of his painting "Canvassing for Votes', one of a series of paintings entitled "An Election".
This medal is one from a series sponsored by the Art Union of London. The Art Union of London was a society founded in 1837 to foster and encourage interest in the fine arts. Between 1845 and 1887 it sponsored the production of thirty medals with the portrait of eminent artists on the obverse and an illustration of their work on the reverse. These medals were struck in very limited number, approximately 200 in bronze and about 30 in silver.