Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


ROETTIERS, John: England, 1672, Silver, 62 mm, 97.8 g
Obv: Bust of John Maitland (r), armored and draped, with lion's head on shoulder
Rev: Minerva (Pallas) seated, leaning upon a shield which is decorated with the armorial bearings of the Duke. Minerva holds the helmet and crest of the Duke in her right hand and a spear in her left. A mountain is in the background. CONSILIO. ET. ANIMIS. (By Counsel and Courage) {the motto of John Maitland}
Signed: Joan Roti. F. (in script)
Ref: MI i, 550/208; Eimer 52/248;  Weiss BW670

John Maitland (1616-1682), 1st Duke of Lauderdale, was a Scottish politician and leader within the Cabal Ministry, a group of ministers of King Charles II of England. Maitland began public life as a zealous adherent of the Presbyterian cause and sat as an elder in the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. As second Earl of Lauderdale, Maitland was frequently employed as a Parliamentary Commissioner in dealings with King Charles I where he made efforts to persuade the King to agree to the establishment of Presbyterianism. Although he was a party to the surrender of Charles to the English army at Newcastle, he assisted in the attempted rescue of the King from imprisonment, and was present at the battle of Worcester, where he was taken prisoner, being confined during the whole period of the Commonwealth. At the restoration of Charles II to the crown, Lauderdale was appointed Secretary of State for Scotland where he directed the affairs of that country until 1680. His rule in Scotland was arbitrary and harsh and, although able, he was arrogant, unscrupulous and ruthless, and was widely disliked.

In 1672 Maitland was made 1st Duke of Lauderdale, the event commemorated by this medal, and made Knight of the Garter. In 1674, he was created a peer of England by the title of Earl of Guildford.

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