Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


Croker, John: England, 1709, Silver, 48 mm
Obv: Crowned Bust of Queen Anne (l)     ANNA. D:G. MAG: BRI: FR: ET. HIB: REG:
Rev: Victory holding two laural wreaths hovering above battle in forest of Taisnieres, in the plain of Malplaquet.     CONCORDIA. ET. VIRTVTE. (By Unanimity and Valor)
Exergue:  GALLIS. AD. TAISNIERE, DEVICTIS. AVG: XXXI. MDCCIX. (The French Defeated at Taisnieres, Aug 31, 1709)
Signed:  I.C.
Ref: Eimer 70/438; MI ii, 359/197 ; v. Loon V, 145;  Weiss BW581

The Battle of Malplaquet was a major engagement in the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714). It took place on Sept. 11, 1709, and pitted the combined forces of England and the Holy Roman emperor (an Anglo-Dutch-Austrian army of 100,000 men under the duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy), against a French army of 90,000 men under Marshal Villars. It was fought near the village of Malplaquet (now on the French side of the Franco-Belgian border), about 10 miles south of Mons. Villars, in an attempt to protect Mons, tried to penetrate through the woods of Taisnieres, but found Marlborough on the other side ready to oppose him. During the battle, although the French were forced to retreat, the Anglo-imperial army, attacking strongly fortified positions, suffered more than 20,000 casualties, twice the number of French casualties. The battle was a strategic victory for France as it prevented an allied advance to Paris. (taken, in part, from Columbia Encyclopedia).

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