Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


DADLER, Sebastian / HOHN, Johann: Germany, 1635, Silver, 56 mm
A young couple holding hands over an altar; on the sides, trees with symbol of love; above the hands, a burning heart; above, the symbol of the Holy Ghost in a radiant halo and two angels with flowers. LEGITIMO THALAMI QUI DEXTRAS FOEDERE IUNGUNT: HOS DEUS OMNIMODA PROSPERITATE BEAT. (Those Who Join Their Hands in Proper Marriage, the Lord Will Bless with Prosperity in All Manner).
A five person family around a table praying before the meal. Above, an inscription in Hebrew, "Jehovah" in a halo and the hand of Providence watering a grapevine. Above the table, a semicircular arbor made of grapevines. PROLETHORUM, VICTU MENSAM, VELAMINE CORP:[us] ATQ[ue] OPERIT DRACHMAE GRANDINE TECTA DOM:[inus]  (The Lord Covers the Bed with Prosperity, the Table with Food, the Body with Clothing, and the Roof of the House with a Hail of Money). ECCE SIC BENEDICETUR VIR QUI TIMET IEHOVAM. (Lo, this Man Will Be Blessed Who Fears the Lord).
PRECE ET LABORE (With Prayer and Labor).
IH (rev.)
Wiecek 96, where this medal is listed as having been engraved by Dadler with no signature present. There is, however, the signature IH (Johann Hohn) on the reverse of this medal (apparently not noticed by Wiecek). There are similar, but clearly not identical, medals listed in Maué #101,102, both of which are signed S.D.; Europese Penningen # 843;  Weiss BW027

Sebastian Dadler executed several marriage medals, some in conjunction with the German medallist Johann Hohn, and some with reverses by Hohn. The obverse of this particular medal is by Dadler, the reverse is likely by Hohn.