Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


DADLER, Sebastian / HOHN, Johann: Germany, ca.1636, Silver, 69 mm
A couple standing with a child between. The man is holding a shovel and the woman is holding a broom made of palm branches. Attached to the broom is a drop spindle for spinning yarn. The hands of the couple are joined with a padlock supporting a small altar with two burning hearts.  CONIUGIUM FOECUNDAT AMOR LABOR ATQ[ue] SECUNDAT: DITAT IDEM COELO GRATIA LAPSA DEI. (Love and Work Make the Marriage Fertile and Lucky; the Favor of the Lord Makes it Wealthy, Coming from Heaven).
In the background, a view of Gdansk. In foreground, palm trees with fruit, between them two hands together, holding a flower. On the bottom, a ring with two doves inside. On top, a symbol of the Holy Spirit in a radiant halo.  PALMA VELUT PALMAM CEU CASTA COLUMBA COLUMBUM: SIC VERO CONIUX CONIUGEM AMORE COLAT. (Like the Palm of the Hand, the Fruit of the Palm, like the Chaste Pigeon the Male Pigeon; this Way the Wife Shall Honor the Man in Real Love).
SD IH on the shovel of the obverse.
Ref: Wiecek 101; Goppel 4030; Schmidt v. 23; Europese Penningen # 845;  Maué 152;  Weiss BW029

This marriage medal is the joint work of Sebastian Dadler and Johann Hohn, perhaps executed when working in Gdansk.