Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


DADLER, Sebastian: Poland, 1633 (N.D.), Silver, 56 mm
Obv: In the foreground a man praying; over him two hands are reaching out of the clouds with sword and ribbons. In the background at left is a war-devastated land, suggesting the ravages of war; at right is a peaceful, unharmed city, illustrating the effects of peace.  MENSCH DEINE SUNDE MEHREN SICH DRUMB SCHLAGT GOTT MIT DEM AVF DICH. DOCH WAN DICH SCHLAGT DIE EINE HANDT SO KOMPT DIE ANDR VND BRINGT DAS BANDT (You humans are sinning more so God will strike you. When the one hand strikes you, the other hand will come and bring bondage.)
Rev: Clasped hands emerging from clouds over city panorama (Nürnberg?). Crossed spade and scythe are behind heart and beneath crown. SEY GETREW BIS AN DEN TODT SO WILL ICH DIR DIE KRON DES LEBENS GEBE. (So be faithful even unto death and I shall give you the Crown of Life.)
Signed: S D
Ref: Wiecek 111/87; Schulmann, Pax in Nummis, 1150; Maué 131;  Weiss BW582

In Pax in Nummis (1150) Schulmann attributed the medal to the Peace of Westphalia, 1648. Wiecek believes that Dadler made the medal in Dresden before moving to Poland.