Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


WYON, Benjamin: Sardinia, 1855, Bronze, 76 mm
Obv: Bust of King    VICTORIUS EMMANUEL II REX SARDINIAE IN LONDINIUM A PRAESIDE CIVIBUSQUE RECEPTUS (Victor Emmanual II, King of Sardinia, Received in London by the Lord Mayor and Citizens)
Rev: Sardinia, armed, grasps hand of Britannia, seated, supported on one side by City of London    LIBERI LIBERIS GRATULANTUR SOCIIS (Freemen Congratulate Their Free Allies)
Signed: B. WYON SC.
Mintage: 350
Ref: Welch 8; BHM 196/2567; Eimer 178/1499;  Europese Penningen # 1440;  Weiss BW289  This medal is photographed in Eldem p. 236.

Victor Emmanuel (1820-1878), King of Sardinia, afterwards the first King of Italy, was the son of Charles Albert, King of Sardinia, and Theresa, daughter of the Grand Duke Ferdinand of Tuscany. As King of Piedmont-Sardinia, he formed an alliance with France to defeat Austria, gaining territory from them in Northern Italy. Under the advice of Count Cavour, Victor Emmanuel introduced many constitutional reforms, and freed his kingdom from the power of the priests and Jesuits. He also concluded treaties of commerce with England, established railways, and promoted free trade. Further triumphs of the Risorgimento included the conquest of Sicily and Naples by Giuseppe Garibaldi. As King of Italy, he acquired Venetia and the Papal States. Rome became the new capital after French troops withdrew. He was succeeded by his son, Umberto I.

Victor Emmanuel visited England in 1855 at which time the Corporation of London invited him to a reception at the Guildhall, the subject of this medal.  The visit took place during the Mayoralty of Sir David Salomons, the first Jewish Lord Mayor of London.

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