Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


WYON, Alfred Benjamin: Persia, 1873, Bronze, 76 mm
Obv: Bust of Shah    NASSER - ED - DEEN  SHAH OF PERSIA
Rev: City of London standing; shield at right with arms of Persia; shield at left with arms of City of London; in distance, St Pauls Cathedral and Tower of London
Signed: A. B. WYON
Mintage: 400
In original case of issue (see Appendix)
Ref: Welch 13; BHM 291/2951; Eimer 190/1623;  Weiss BW286 This medal is photographed in Eldem p. 237.

Nasr-ed-Din (1829-1896), Shah of Persia, was the son of Shah Mohammed and a princess of the Kajar family. He was made governor of Azerbaijan in preference to his older brothers, leading to vigorous disputes. He remained neutral during the Crimean War and in 1857 signed a peace treaty at Paris, allowing him to remain friendly to Great Britain and Russia. In 1866 the shah authorized the passage of the telegraph to India through his dominions and reminted his currency in the European fashion. 
In 1873 he visited England as part of a tour of Europe. He was met at Dover by the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Arthur and traveled by train to London where he was escorted to Buckingham Palace by the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge. He then attended a reception in his honor at the Guildhall, sponsored by the Corporation of the City of London, which this medal commemorates.

Nasr-ed-Din was assassinated at Teheran in 1896 and was succeeded by his son Muzaffar-ed-Din.

LINK to Portrait of Nasr-ed-Din by John Vinter (from spongobongo.com)