Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


WIENER, Charles: England, 1882, Bronze, 76 mm
Obv: Crowned bust of Queen Victoria
Rev: Londinia holding a gate open at edge of forest standing opposite the Queen    IT. GIVES. ME. THE. GREATEST. SATISFACTION. TO. DEDICATE. THIS. BEAUTIFUL. FOREST. FOR. THE. USE. AND. ENJOYMENT. OF. MY. PEOPLE. FOR. ALL. TIME. EPPING. FOREST. 6. MAY. 1882
Signed: C. H: WIENER. FECIT.
Mintage: 400
In original case of issue (see Appendix)
Ex- Cincinnati Art Museum Collection
Ref: Welch 17; BHM 337/3128; Eimer 197/1689;  Weiss BW231

During the reign of Charles I, the Sovereign had rights to about 60,000 acres of forest. Since then, however large areas were in danger of encroachment. Accordingly, in 1871 the Epping Forest Act was passed which empowered Commissioners to survey the forest boundaries. Over the next several years other acts related to Epping Forest were passed until in 1878 the rights of the Crown were abolished and the Corporation of London was appointed Conservators of the Forest. The Corporation was able to obtain 5500 acres of Epping Forest, together with several other forests, by levying a tax on foreign corn. In 1882 Queen Victoria dedicated the forest to the free use and enjoyment of the public, the event commemorated by this medal. (From BHM).

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