Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


ELKINGTON & COMPANY: India, 1886, Bronze, 76 mm
Obv: Crowned shield of Britain supported by three shields representing India and Colonies    TO COMMEMORATE THE COLONIAL AND INDIAN RECEPTION AT THE GUILDHALL, LONDON 1886
Rev: Interior of the Guildhall
Exergue: Shield of city with banner inscribed:   DOMINE DIRIGE NOS
Mintage: 450
In original, fitted case of issue (see Appendix)
Also, Set of 2 medals in original, fitted case of issue (see Appendix)
Ref: Welch 21; BHM 358/3214; Eimer 201/1726;  Weiss BW124

The Colonial and Indian Exhibition was held at South Kensington in 1886. It was visited by more than five million people, including a distinguished gathering of princes and persons of high rank from the British possessions, colonies and dependencies.  One of its purposes was to cement the bond of union between Britain and her colonies and her Indian empire.  A reception and ball, honoring more that a thousand of Her Majesty's Colonial and Indian subjects, a large number of members of the Houses of Lords and Commons, and representatives of foreign courts, among others, were held in the Guildhall.  This event was commemorated by the issuance of this medal by the Corporation of the City of London.