Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


BOWCHER, F.: England, 1897, Bronze, 76 mm
Victoria, crowned draped bust (l)   IN. HONOREM. VICTORIAE R: ET. I: EXCUD: CUR: CIVITATAS. LOND: (The City of London Ordered this to Be Struck in Honor of Victoria, Queen and Empress).
Rev: Britannia seated upon a rock with the British Lion reposing at her feet, receiving Londinia, with cornucopia and shield bearing the Civic Arms, attended by Mercury (Commerce), and the Colonies; to left are Industry and Knowledge (Progress)   FROM MY HEART I THANK MY BELOVED PEOPLE MAY GOD BLESS THEM V.R.I
Exergue:  SPINK & SON. LONDON 1837-1897
Issued by the Corporation of the City of London (#28)
In original case of issue (see Appendix)
Ref: Eimer 210/1815; BHM ii, 432/3510;  Weiss BW660

The diamond jubilee, celebrating Queen Victoria's 60th year of reign,  took place in June 1897, at which time the Queen had become Britainís longest reigning monarch, exceeding the reign of George III by two months. The procession, which led from Windsor to Buckingham Palace then to St Paulís Cathedral, was greeted by huge crowds. The service was held at the steps of the cathedral and a grand banquet was held at Buckingham Palace that evening.