Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


BOWCHER, Frank: England, 1894, Bronze, 76 mm
Obv: Princess Alexandra, Queen Victoria and Prince of Wales
Rev: View of Tower Bridge from down stream south bank. Above, within branches, is the mark of the Bridge House Estates.    TOWER BRIDGE OPENED 30TH JUNE 1894
Exergue: A shield charged with the arms of the City of London dividing the inscription:  ON BEHALF OF HER MAJESTY QUEEN VICTORIA BY HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES
Mintage: 450
Issued by the Corporation of the City of London (#27)
Ref: BHM 422/3476; Eimer 208/1790; Taylor 225 a; Forrer p. 135 (illustrated);  Weiss BW015

This medal, one of a series issued by the Corporation of the City of London, commemorates the opening of Tower Bridge by Prince Albert in June 1894. The bascule bridge is over the river Thames at Tower Hill. Sir Horace Jones was architect and John Wolfe-Barry the engineer. The upper fixed bridge was for pedestrians when the lower level drawbridge was opened.

LINK to the Tower Bridge (from pbs.org)