Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss


ADAMS, George Gammon: England, 1869, Bronze, 76 mm
Obv: Queen Victoria (l)    VICTORIA D:G:BRIT:REGINA F:D:
Rev: Two wreaths, the lower one inverted, joined at the center by a shield with the arms of the City of London.  Within the upper wreath is a view of Farringdon Street Bridge of the Holborn Viaduct inscribed:    HOLBORN VIADUCT.  Within the lower wreath is a view of Blackfriars Bridge crossing the Thames inscribed:     BLACKFRIARS BRIDGE.   On the left is Londinia (the City of London), on the right is Britannia with shield and trident. 
Signed: G.G. ADAMS SC.
Mintage: 400
Boxed set of 2 medallions (see Appendix)
Ref: Welch 11; BHM 279/2906; Eimer 189/1604:  Weiss BW003

The original Blackfriars Bridge was completed in 1769 and was demolished in 1864. The new bridge was designed by Joseph Cubitt and H. Carr with the foundation stone laid by the Lord Mayor in 1867.  The bridge was opened in 1869 at the same time as the Holborn Viaduct. The Holborn Viaduct, which was designed by William Heywood, was constructed to span the valley of the river Fleet.

LINK to detailed description of Blackfriars Bridge and Holborn Viaduct by Bob Speel.