Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss



Abeele, Pieter van: Pieter van Abeele (?- ca. 1677) was one of the best engravers of the Dutch school of the seventeenth century. It is thought that he was also a painter. He lived principally in Amsterdam where he was a pupil of Jerian Pool. His works date from 1622-1677. His medals, like those of his contemporary, the engraver O. Muller, are of repousse work and chased, the two sides being united by a rim. Among his most interesting medals are those related to English history.

Adolfzoon, Christoph: Also known as Christoffel Adolfzoon or C. Adolphi, he was Dutch medallist of the second half of the seventeenth century. Only nine medals are known by him, but only a few of these bear his signature. His best works date from 1666 to 1676 and are characteristic of Dutch medallic art of that period.

Aury, Pierre: Pierre Aury (1622-?) was the son of Augustin I Aury. He lived most of his life in France where he executed medals for Louis XIV. He also spent some time in Holland where he made the medal commemorating the massacre of the brothers John and Cornelius de Witt. Pierre Aury apparently is the same person as an F. Avry, to whom this medal is sometimes attributed. Also, according to Forrer: Kramm suggests that the signature AURY [it is actually signed AVRY] designated the sculptor P.[Pieter] Xavery, who did not wish to disclose his name in connection with the execution of this medal.

Boskam, Jan: Jan Boskam, a medallist of Nimwegen, was one of the most prolific among Dutch medallists of the end of the seventeenth century and beginning of the eighteenth century. He worked for William III until 1703, when he went to Berlin, but returned to Amsterdam in 1706. Most of his productions commemorate events of the reign of the Stadholder William III, King of England, and several relate to the death of his Consort, Queen Mary. Others were struck in honor of the brilliant victories of the allied armies over the French and Spaniards in the war of the succession of Charles II.

Drappentier, Jan: Jan (Johannes) Drappentier was the Engraver at the Mint of Dordrecht in the early part of the eighteenth century. He worked in conjunction with De Wys and others at Amsterdam, about 1713.

Holtzhey, Martin: Martin Holtzhey (1697-1764), a medallist of the first half of the eighteenth century, was born at Ulm, settled at Amsterdam, where he obtained the appointment of Master of the Mint, and died at Middelburg. Grueber calls him "an excellent medallist".

Muller, O. (Wouter): O. (or Wouter) Muller was a silversmith and medallist of Amsterdam, whose work dates between 1653 and 1688. Bolzenthal calls him "der Meister Muller", and gives him high praise for the excellence of the execution of his medals. Like those of Peter van Abeele, his medals are embossed and chased and are in high relief.