Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss




Dadler, Sebastian: Sebastian Dadler (1586-1657) is one of the foremost medallists of the seventeenth century. He was born at Strasbourg in 1586, but resided at Augsburg (1619), and Dresden (1621-1630), and later at Nuremberg, Berlin and chiefly at Hamburg where he died in1657. (The Historical Museum at Dresden and the "Grune Gewolbe" have examples of his work and an important collection of his medals are housed in the Hamburg Museum.) At Augsburg, he held the post of first Goldsmith to the Imperial and Electoral Saxon Court, and there attained celebrity as a Medallist and Chaser in gold and silver. At Dresden he was appointed Medallist and Goldsmith to the Ducal Court of Saxony. While at Nuremberg Dadler is believed to have been employed by the Elector of Brandenburg. Because of his international renown, Dadler also worked for the House of Orange, the Court of Sweden and for many other princely houses of Europe. Several examples of medals made to commemorate events in these countries are shown below. In addition, Dadler engraved a large number of religious, marriage, baptismal, and death commemorative medals, some of which are also represented in this section. (Biographical information taken from Forrer).