Historical and Commemorative Medals
Collection of Benjamin Weiss



Scharff, Anton: Anton Scharff (1845-1903) was one of the most celebrated medallists of the late 19th century. Born in Vienna, he was a pupil at the Graveur-Akademie where he studied under David Boehm. The distinction of Court medalist was conferred upon him in 1887. Scharff received several honors and prizes, including the Knight of the Order of the Iron Crown and of the Order of Francis Joseph, Knight of the Bavarian Order of St Michael, the golden Cross of Merit bestowed upon him by the Emperor of Austria and many other awards. His many works place him at the head of the Austrian school of medallists. According to Forrer, "He was a fine draughtsman, modelled well, and depicted the familiar aspects of nature with remarkable delicacy of sentiment. Compared to the French school, his style is perhaps lacking in softness and over minute and delicate, which is the only criticism that one can offer. His portraits are vigorous; every figure has been studied from the life with a rare truthfulness and appreciation, the general type and the individual character being equally well represented."

Weiss, Johann: Johann Weiss (1794-1861) was a medallist and mint engraver at Vienna.